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FLEXIBLE POWER SUPPLY SOURCE - The F4 is a dual purpose battery charger and battery organiser for charging 18650 lithium / IMR ion batteries with a single slot for a maximum charge of 1A.

ACL DISPLAY AND INTELLIGENT CHARGE - Indicates key information about charging batteries, including battery voltage, USB output, charging current, charged volume and battery compartment.

COMPACT & PORTABLE - The F4 weighs 4.32 ounces and measures 4.46 inches, perfectly integrating with your outdoor equipment, backpack and car.

SAFE TO CARRY - A sliding cover helps to organize and transport batteries safely.

IDEAL FOR TRAVEL AND EDC - This package includes 2 additional LumenTac organizers to protect you and stay organized when you are on the move.

Nitecore Brand

Color Black

EAN 6952506468058

Article weight 4.3 ounces

Plastic Material

Model number F4

Article number F4 + 2xORG

Code UNSPSC 26111700